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Our brand “Book’s Garden” places in its online store its priority on consumer satisfaction, which results from providing products with safe cultural and educational content for children and young people that are irreplaceable in the market, and from completing the purchase process of these products with quality, guarantee and speed that reflects our core values, and to achieve the best we always work on development to provide our customers with always the best through:

Communication: So that our customers can reach us through all the communication channels provided by our store according to the 12/7 service (12 hours, 7 days a week), to raise complaints, request information, or provide suggestions through the following ways:

Phone number:+9611450134



Availability of information: so that our customers can request the information they need and get it in the shortest and fastest way.

Speed ​​of response: so that we provide an answer to all inquiries of our customers as soon as possible.

Continuous development: So that suggestions and considerations from our customers, which are carefully evaluated, are considered as a source of work on permanent development.

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