6 Tips to Motivate your Child to Read

6 Tips to Motivate your Child to Read
  1. Everyone reads: Set aside time for reading with all family members, everyone reads their own book, and stick to this time as frequently as possible. Be the role model for your child in the love of books and reading.
  2. Reading with love: Let your child choose the book he loves himself and read in the field he loves. The role of the parents lies in supervising and avoiding choices that are not suitable for him.
  3. Book quality: Make sure to provide your child with attractive and beautiful books. It must contain appropriate drawings, and of high quality in manufacturing and design that secures the attractive factors and suits the requirements of its age.
  4. Time and place: Create a suitable environment for your child to read in. Make sure it is quiet, well lit and comfortable. Try not to make reading a work of leisure.
  5. Give and take: Share with your child what you have read and make him share his information with you, thus enhancing his communication abilities and making him feel the importance of the new information he has acquired, and this will motivate him to continue reading.
  6. His own library: The presence of a library at home is a key element to form the clear foundations that we walk on in our lives. It is useful for your child to grow up in the shadow of a library that contributes to the formation of his personality and develops his skills since childhood.

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